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About The Contractum

Welcome to TheContractum, We, Contractum Integral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., One of the most prominent global Business Solutions and Services providing company. We are involved in all types of B2B and B2C services in various segment. Our focuses cover the Pan Indian services. We have an association with various organizations (private and government) which covers multiple services to its client and customers. We are also associated with international clients that increases our working range to worldwide clients. We have a responsibility, accurateness and punctuality to provide the best business solution and services to our associated client/customer. At present, We are dedicated to the growth of our client’s business and their acceleration in the Indian Market. Also, serves all International client too.TheContractum services made in a way that can make its client & customer satisfied and happy with their respective growth. We provide high-quality and innovative technological solutions to help our clients to achieve their respective business goals with excellent growth. We have a complete footprint across the country that gives us the position to have a complete solution to all-around spread the client’s project.


To helps our clients to grow and accelerate in their respective businesses on the global platform.


TheContractum mission is simple, to help all the small and mid-sized companies grow and rise up to the large-sized companies.Our mission is to grow your business through our business association with the help of exclusive and expertise skills in the Business Solution and services. We are ready to have a working relationship with all types of business models to help them to grow and accelerate

Who are we?

TheContractum is a global leading business Solution and Services company which provides a wide range of business solution and services to its client's businesses across business verticals. The company serves all types and sizes of businesses striving to excellence carve a niche for themselves through varied business techniques. We work on various platforms to provide the best solution with excellent services to the client’s business.

TheContractum knows what it needs to be a leader and has a pool of carefully recruited business solution experts to service the success of each of our clients in the manner of utmost professional and upbeat nature. You can consult and get expert advice for fuelling the overall growth of your business, irrespective of the stage of your business cycle..

TheContractum is also working as a business outsourcing partner, more so as a cost-saving partner, rather than a mere outsourcing outfit. Like the Capacity building in terms of training the decision-making, implementing agencies and the actual grass root level workers is a regular activity of TheContractum. We know success Mantras which lies in truthfulness, producing high-quality data, and timely project deliveries, are the key to success in the long term run..


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Our Best Consulting Services



TheContractum Technology’s IT Staffing group provides clients with the tools and talent they need...

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TheContractum creates a platform for the Future in the E-commerce services segment of the company..

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As a leading business service in the GIS domain, TheContractum offers geospatial and IT services..

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Human Resources

TheContractum staffing services are designed to help your business simplify operations by...

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Market Research & Analysis and Survey

The key to gaining competitive advantages lies in having an in-depth...

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Telecommunications engineers use their technical expertise to provide a range of services and...

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Business Process Outsourcing

TheContractum provides the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services to solution the clients...

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Our Feature

Why The Contractum ?

TheContractum has aims of building a culture of winning & excellence. Being part of TheContractum will provide exposure to the latest technologies, business techniques and skilled human resource, which will help you stay updates ever-changing market scenario. The corporate culture and the work environment will enable your personal and professional growth along with the overall growth of the organization. Our overall focus on the client's services with the specialities in all areas which is the reason we are ready to solution to your business growth.

Our Working Process


For those every project we take up, we conduct complete market research to understand the industry and the client position in it, these are the key features that we always keep in mind before initiating the work.


TheContractum makes a special concentration of understanding its client’s needs, not only for those who are residing in Urban India but also to rural inhabited citizens who are still far away from various facilities. We deliver all the services and solutions that best suited to meet their needs.

Trusted by Industry:

TheContractum reputation of its Performance, flexibility and doing the right thing for our clients is widely recognized by independent analysts, service providers, corporate and the IT industry.

Generate Customer Confidence:

TheContractum has a skilled and experienced team who can elaborate on the advantages of the work that helps to convince the customer trust on the project. It is going to help them how these projects are going to help in their business and easy their work.

Technology Integrated:

TheContractum plays an important role in the successful integration of modern technology and resources, and enabling easy access to the service domain. We are among the few Indian companies which providing end-to-end business services and solutions to citizens of the whole nation by using standardized and proven processes.

Focus on Innovation:

TheContractum is fully committed to adopting the new innovative ideas and our dedicated R&D team is continuously working on it to make service delivery system simpler and technologically enhanced.

PAN India Presence:

We have targeted and speedily achieving our presence to each corner of India and becoming the largest connectivity platform for government, private and social welfare service providers to serve the citizens/nation broadly.

Industry Expertise:

TheContractum Team has an in-depth understanding of end to end business services and deep understanding in the diverse field.

What drives us to excel?

Being a part of the Indian subcontinent's we believe in the philosophy that is “the Customer is God “ where both B2B & B2C and vice-versa and others play a crucial role in the business models. Our clients mean everything to us, and our entire team remains committed to doing whatever it takes to help our business client to progress in their business. It is our prime responsibility to take to high success with our business services and solution. Your continued success is what drives us forward, and we will continue to innovate and expand our solution to help every client realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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