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Telecommunications engineers use their technical expertise to provide a range of services and engineering solutions revolving around different modes of communication and information transfer, such as wireless telephony services, radio and satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies. Most of the work is carried out on a project basis with tight deadlines and well-defined milestones for the delivery of project objectives. Telecommunications engineers are involved across all aspects of service delivery, from carrying out feasibility exercises and determining connectivity to preparing detailed, technical and operational documentation. Telecommunications engineers are usually employed by telecom service providers, equipment and infrastructure manufacturers, communications software developers, public sector bodies and transport organisations.

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Our solutions cover the following components:

• LAN/WAN Design

• Data Center / Core Networking

• Wireless LAN

• Wired LAN Solution

• VoIP

• Quality of Services (QoS)

• Routing

• Switching and distribution


• Firewall

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