Merchant Onboarding : Why is TheContractum your best partner for it

What is Merchant Onboarding?


Let us first understand what is merchant onboarding, a crucial process for companies seeking and offering to connect B2B  & B2C electronic payment solutions. This process refers to onboarding a merchant to a payment processing/gateway platform and connection between B2B  & B2C. The scenario may involve an acquiring bank as well with KYC. The purpose of this process is important to both parties here. The merchants wanting to accept payments electronically want to do as soon as possible through the payment processing/gateway platforms whose focus is to make these electronic payments super smooth for the merchants.

The process has shifted to the digital space completely now from the initial days of doing it manually. The manual process was cumbersome and called for a whole lot of vetting of documents in the paper format, one by one. With the growing number of businesses coming onboard as merchants, fintech companies in this niche are seeing a stronger need for better management of the whole process. Outsourcing the process is becoming the go-to solution as external sales agencies are well-equipped to adapt to the changing scenario in the fintech world.

Why Choose TheContractum for your Merchant Onboarding Needs


TheContractum is a fast-growing sales agency that has helped several brands fulfill their sales quota and go beyond it with ease. With all the features that an excellent sales agency must possess, the company can help you in this crucial area with a proven approach.

Here is why TheContractum is your best choice for helping your firm with merchant onboarding:

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest for a product or service with the goal of turning that interest into a sale.