Flexible work opportunity in Sales

The year 2021 has been a roller coaster ride for everyone around the world. Even in India, there are many people who lost their jobs to the Pandemic as economies stumbled and businesses were forced to cut costs. At TheContractum creating opportunities for communities at large has always been our mainstay. With this value at center, we have launched “Young Talent Development Program”. Where people can get earning opportunities and Develope  against all odds!

Earn and Grow with the Young Talent Development Program (YTDP)

This program by TheContractum, one of India’s fastest-growing sales management brands, has been set up to give wings to millions of Indians to get ahead in their lives. The program is looking at creating a robust community of hustlers who are looking for lucrative opportunities through part-time jobs online. Here is why you should join the program:

Make the most of what you have

One can work part-time with the YTDP India Program which does not require the associates to spend lengthy amounts of time in a day. Much like part-time jobs for students and other similar stints, the working hours are flexible, letting you spend as much or as little time as you want.

Convenient style of working

Sales executive jobs available in this program have a task-based reward program system. You can work at your own pace, working more or less depending on your schedule without having to worry about days you can’t put in much time.

No more waiting for monthly paychecks

With the YTDP India Program, you get weekly payouts so you can plan things well. You don’t have to wait till the end of the month to pay your bills or for that little treat at your favorite restaurant.

Complete Support for Growth

The sales executive jobs provided through the program are designed to set you up for success. Those enrolling in the program get complete training and support throughout to ensure smooth sales.

Empowering one and all

The program is looking for anyone and everyone who are willing to work irrespective of what the experience is and whether or not one is from the sales background. It is a levelled playing ground for both men and women where one is recognized only by their work and nothing more.

Part-time jobs for students and others are dime a dozen in the market but there are very few that offer all the benefits that the RizeUp India Program offers. So what are you waiting for? Enroll for the program today and unlock the opportunity of your lifetime !